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The first of its kind in Canada, the Heartland Petrochemical Complex will be designed to convert locally sourced, low-cost propane into 525,000 tonnes per year of polypropylene, a high value, easy to transport plastic used in the manufacturing of a wide range of finished products.

Construction of the complex is now underway with completion scheduled for late 2021. Consisting of a propane dehydrogenation (PDH) and a polypropylene (PP) facility, the Complex will cost approximately $3.5 billion and will be located in Strathcona County, Alberta, near Inter Pipeline’s existing Redwater Olefinic Fractionator.

It is expected that 13,000 jobs will be created for Canadians during the four-year construction period, which is planned to run through to the end of 2021.

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At Inter Pipeline, we understand that safety and environmental protection are top priorities for our employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate.

Like every project that we carry out, an Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) has been crafted and implemented for the construction of the Heartland Petrochemical Complex. The EPP describes the environmental protection measures to be carried out by Inter Pipeline, our contractors and subcontractors during construction activities.

This EPP was developed to include general and site-specific environmental protection measures based on past project experience, approval conditions associated with the Complex, standard industry practices, and input from stakeholders and regulators. Accordingly, compliance with the EPP will ensure that environmental protection and mitigation measures and environmental commitments are taken into account by Inter Pipeline and its contractors.

The EPP provides environmental management practices, mitigation measures and planning tools to assist contractors to conduct work in an environmentally acceptable manner.

For more information on Inter Pipeline’s Sustainability reporting and practices, please see our latest Sustainability Report

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