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Thank you for your interest with Inter Pipeline’s Heartland Petrochemical Complex.

Inter Pipeline’s suppliers/contractors are integral to our ongoing success. New suppliers/contractors are required to register to provide goods or services to Inter Pipeline.

Receipt of a registration form does not imply any commitment to purchase goods and services from a supplier or contractor. Rather, it does mean that the supplier or contractor will be included on a list of suppliers/contractors that may be eligible to provide goods and services to Inter Pipeline.

If you are looking for direct business opportunities with the Heartland project, please complete the following:


  • Contact the prime contractors and provide them with your business profile documents
Current Contractor Job Opportunities at the Heartland Petrochemical Complex
Please click HERE for a list of current Contractors and their contact information

Please note:

  • No services are ever hired verbally over the telephone
  • No services are ever hired in person (by showing up at the Construction site without an invitation to come)
  • Due to time constraints we are not accepting meeting invites with vendors/contractors to discuss business opportunities on this project
  • The Corporate Receptionist cannot connect you with a hiring manager for this project

The only way your services will be considered is through the Inter Pipeline Supplier/Contractor Registration Form. This form is the only approved way of submitting your interest and information to us.

Inter Pipeline and the prime contractor groups are always interested in knowing what local businesses and services are available around the project site. If your company office is located within a one hour drive of the Heartland Petrochemical Complex, this will be noted on our local contractor vendor list.

The local contractor vendor list is not an indication of preference; we keep all businesses profiles on our database for the project team to review when looking for subcontractors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just want to find out if the project will need the kind of services I can offer. Why can’t I call?

A: The size of the project is very large and has several areas. It is important that this information be sent in by the Supplier/Contractor Registration Form so that we can properly track requests. Also, there are many people involved and areas of responsibility have some overlap. The email system ensures nothing is missed or duplicated.

Q: I’ve worked for Inter Pipeline before and want to know if I will be contacted for work on the Heartland Project.

A: If you have already done work for Inter Pipeline, then please send your business information as a package to this  As long as your business is located within an hour of the project we will add your business profile to the vendor list.

Q: It’s been awhile since I’ve filled out my form. Should I submit another one?

A: There is no need to submit the form again, unless your contact information has changed. In that case, you will need to fill out the form and submit it again.

Q: Why can’t the Corporate Receptionist help me connect with the project managers for the Heartland Petrochemical Complex?

A: The Corporate Receptionist directs calls at Inter Pipeline’s Head Office, but is not specifically connected with the Heartland Project and is not the correct contact for this information.  


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