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In order to provide some more background and information around some of the component pieces and hard work that are going into the Heartland Complex project, we’ll be profiling some of our vendors and suppliers who have been providing their skill while working with us to ensure a safe, successful build. 


Brian Purcell

In our second of the “Vendor Spotlight” series, we meet Andy Brooks, the CEO of Waiward. Based in Edmonton, Waiward is a firm that supplies engineering, drafting, construction, and steel fabrication services for the industrial sector. Waiward supplies the steel used in many of the key components of the Heartland Complex. We spoke with Andy at Waiward’s fabrication plant, in November 2018.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Andy. Can you tell us about Waiward’s background in the industry?

A: Waiward has been around since 1972. The company was started by hard working entrepreneurs and was a smaller fabrication shop which has grown into what we are today with construction and maintenance services together with engineering and drafting and the largest fabrication shop west of Quebec.

Q: How many employees does Waiward have at the moment?

A: We're about 550 people which includes field personnel, our fabrication facility and our office.

Brian Purcell

Q: You’ve been in this industry for 20 years. What would you say is one of the largest or most significant changes you’ve noticed over your career?

A: I think one of the biggest changes has been around global procurement and technology. We all must be far more sophisticated, and our customers demand and deserve the best which means that we're scouring the world. This applies across all businesses within the sector. Now you must look at the global market place and prove your competitiveness in all areas including the supply chain, talent and technology.

Q: When you’re out speaking about business, or meeting people who may not be familiar with Waiward, what in particular do you feel is Waiward’s greatest asset?

A: People at the core of our business. We have a strategy in place and strong growth plans but without people at the core, you can throw the strategy away. I also talk about our fabrication facility being a tremendous competitive advantage to back up our construction services and our engineering and drafting expertise.

Brian Purcell

Q: Employee engagement is obviously front of mind with you.

A: Yes, absolutely! We have what I consider progressive action-oriented values that we use in every day decisions. We pride ourselves in not simply solving problems but creating solutions as we embrace change and move the company forward. There's a tremendous amount of pride and history here and I think that's tremendously important. We have our “creative” differences from time to time which allows us to move forward. We are a family and a team, and we will always be that way.

Q: In terms of the Heartland project for Inter Pipeline, how unique or significant is it to the company? Do you know if Waiward has worked on anything similar in the past?

A: No, we haven't. At least not to this extent. We look at this as a signature project for Waiward. We clearly know what it means to Inter Pipeline, but a lot of that is transferred over to us as well and I'm sure other contractors. You're involved in something that's unique and very special. That’s a great feeling and we are proud to be a partner and a part of an exceptional game changing initiative. So, it goes beyond the typical. The feeling of pride, creating something new and different, especially in this economic time, is fantastic. Fantastic for Inter Pipeline, great for Waiward, and I’m sure great for other contractors as well.

Brian Purcell


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