Our Culture

Home Safe Every Day

At Inter Pipeline, our priority is ensuring that each of our employees return safely to their families when their working day is completed. This philosophy is embodied in our motto: “Home Safe Every Day.” These are four simple words that speak to the core of who we are as a company, and for what we strive for in workplace safety.

But this is more than just a motto, or something you’ll see on posted around the job site. “Home Safe Every Day” is a commitment between Inter Pipeline and you, our employees. It means that every project and every process will have a strong safety framework built around every task, and that it carries through from the first day on the job to the completion of the project.

Every operations based company has their own approach to safety, and ours is direct and organic; worker safety and well-being is part of the blueprint of who we are and what we do.

“Home Safe Every Day” is about working smartly, and making sure that each decision made during the work day is not only the correct one for the task being performed, but that you have the correct tools, full information, and the proper support and supervision from your team. Individually, each of these components is strong, but together they ensure that your work is completed safely and efficiently.

The Heartland Petrochemical Complex is a milestone project for Inter Pipeline, and for Canada. It is important to everyone connected with this facility that we all commit ourselves to working safely and to eliminating worker injury. At Inter Pipeline, we take pride in the fact that we have achieved an impressive safety record, and that we have created a culture of safety leadership.

However, we also know that as projects and technology change that safety requirements and approaches will also change; what sustained us in the past may not necessarily help us in the future. It is this knowledge that keeps us moving forward, challenging our own perceptions on safety and constantly looking for ways to improve.

We invite all employees on every level of the company to participate in the ongoing development of our safety leadership culture. The Heartland Complex is a signature project for Inter Pipeline, and demonstrates what can be achieved when a practical and fundamental approach to safety is adopted by each person in order to ensure that everyone is able to go “Home Safe, Every Day.”  

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