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The Heartland Petrochemical Complex is located northeast of the city of Fort Saskatchewan, in Alberta.

If you are WORKING on the site, you will need to take the offsite bussing (look for the closest route on the bus map) or the shuttle (if you are arriving after 7 am), download the pdf below which contains directions to the site (note that the shuttle is the preferred means of transport to and from the site). 


All workers being bused to and from the Complex should check the twitter feed for any updates or information concerning the shuttle buses. For the planned shuttle bus schedule and information, click the link below


If you have been approved to visit the site, download the pdf below for driving directions. Please ensure you follow signage for correct parking at the site.


Once you arrive at the Complex, be aware of the specific parking areas that are indicated by signage, and park where it is appropriate for you to do so. Follow the signage and direction of traffic. Please note: To park in the Main Gate parking lot you require a pass.

  • Heartland Petrochemical Complex
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